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I recently had the pleasure of attending YogaLife Institute of NH for an immersive 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program, and I am thrilled to share my incredible journey. From the moment I stepped into their welcoming space, I knew I had found a yoga school that would leave a lasting impact on my mind, body, and soul. The dedication, expertise, and warmth of the instructors made my time at YogaLife Institute of NH truly unforgettable. At the heart of any yoga school are its instructors. Alice, Allison, and Carter are exceptionally talented and passionate teachers on and off the mat. Their knowledge, experience, and genuine dedication to helping you learn, and grow were evident in every seminar. Each teacher brought a unique perspective and teaching style, ensuring that every student’s needs were met as a teacher trainees. My experience at YogaLife Institute of NH was nothing short of transformative. The exceptional instructors, the comprehensible self-study work, welcoming environment, and attention to individual needs all contribute to an unforgettable journey. If you are searching for a yoga school that embodies authenticity, professionalism, and genuine care, I wholeheartedly recommend YogaLife Institute of NH, it’s a place where you can nurture your body, expand your mind, and nourish your soul on and off the mat while becoming a yoga teacher.


Jennifer B.

My experience with the Yoga Life Teacher Training was superb. 

As an educator myself, I can appreciate the nuances of providing teaching with practical application that is informative and engaging while also building upon knowledge over time. I felt assuredly prepared to engage in a teaching practice after completing the training.  Each instructor’s expertise complimented and enhanced the other’s, and I left our time together excited and eager to begin my own teaching practice as a yoga instructor.

Michele L.

I had high expectations for my 200 hour teacher training, YogaLife Institute of NH far exceeded them. The teachers were amazing! They were genuine and caring towards each of us. They were dynamic and perfectly complemented each other. Their knowledge was so deep but presented in such and accessible manner. Most impressively, they met each trainee where we were at and knew instinctively the guidance that would bring us full circle in the end. The materials were well presented, and at the end of training it all tied up nicely with few loose ends, you know except a life time of study ahead. Their dynamic response to every whim of a pandemic, was down right amazing. I grew more physically, mentally and spiritually while doing my 200 hour training than any other period of my life! 

Robert P.

As a new retiree during the Covid Pandemic, I decided to look into taking a Yoga teaching training. I was fortunate to find Yogalife Institute of NH Teacher Training. I loved everything about this experience!  The coursework was interesting and spread out over a month so I could plan out my time to complete the work. I loved all four teachers and they each brought forth something unique and special to the experience. When I stumbled, they were there to encourage me and provide me with the support to grow. I highly recommend this program for all prospective teachers. It will change your life in a most positive manner! 

Valerie M.

The quality of the training was superb. All of the teachers are knowledgeable, accessible, and authentic. It was clear that they are all passionate about yoga and passed along that enthusiasm in their teaching. I enjoyed every moment of the time spent training and, when it was completed, I felt competent to teach classes myself.


Celeste C.


My training at YogaLife of NH was one of the best decisions I ever made. The teachers were knowledgeable, humble, kind and live their yoga 100%. Being part of a yoga community was like coming home to myself but with many friends by my side! A truly life changing experience for me.

Amy B.

Excellent program, excellent teachers. It was a very complete and well rounded training offering more in the area of philosophy than other programs in this (NH Seacoast) area. I had an excellent experience in this program...I miss it!


Rebecca B.

This year of teacher training has been amazing.

The school, founders, the directors, mentors and instructors were all accessible and so very helpful. I plan to continue practice and education with the YogaLife Institute and have already recommended it to a friend who has also signed on.


Cheri B.


 This program's strengths are the diversity of topics covered, the lifestyle integration over the course of the twelve months, and the intensive one-on-one support of the faculty. I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of the breadth of yoga traditions and practices, to deepen their own personal practice, and to prepare to share this wisdom with students.

Sharon L.


My training at YogaLife of NH was exactly what I hoped and reached well beyond my expectations. I plan to continue my yoga education with them in the upcoming year(s). I loved the teachers, mentoring, community, classes, workshops, etc. I honestly feel it should be manditory for everyone take this life changing program, it's just priceless. Thank you!


Karen P.

My training at the YogaLife institute exceeded my expectations and changed my life. The programs truly allow enough time and practice and the teaching staff is incredibly competent and present. Thank you!


Libbie B.

YogaLife brought much more to the table than I expected in completing my RYT200. I would recommend this school to anyone.

Nicole S.


I was very happy with the program at Yogalife in Exeter. The instructors were authentic , knowledgeable and supportive of yogic lifestyle applications in the real world.

Ginny J.


The program was very well written and had a good pace to each class. There was ample role play, and interesting in-class exercises and guest speakers. I would recommend this program to anyone!


Meggen Wright


YogaLife Institute NH provided an exemplary, mentored program that allowed me to study yoga from more than just the physical aspect of yoga. I was drawn to this training as considerable time was spent reading and writing about classical yogic teachings. I was grateful that the program took place over a one year period as I was able to sit with all I was learning, absorbing and integrating it.

Lisa B.

 When I enrolled in Teacher Training, my intention wasn’t necessarily to become a teacher. I had attended yoga classes on and off for 15 years, and had always viewed it as another form of exercise. It wasn’t until I took my first Gentle Yoga Class at YogaLife that I became aware of how much more yoga has to offer in the way of self study. The TT program provided a safe space to explore unresolved trauma. These “issues in my tissues” presented in so many unhealthy behaviors until I was finally able to find the courage to accept and move through them. I was given permission to examine and deconstruct the fear based belief system I clung to my entire life, a system that kept me small, that kept me self sabotaging because I was afraid to fail, but even more afraid to succeed. Through the TT experience, I’ve learned that the opposite of love isn’t hate - it’s fear so now, I chose love. The yogic lifestyle has brought me to the path of self-acceptance and is a profound practice of self-care that enables me to live in balance with my being. I believe many people are feeling disconnected from their bodies, their communities and their own sense of being. I didn’t go into Teacher Training thinking I would come out a teacher, but the experience proved to be far too important not to share.

Jennifer B.


The program was authentic and very much helpful in understanding the eight limbs of Yoga comprehensively.


Som K.

YogaLife is a welcoming and supportive community, it has been an amazing experience for me both on a personal level as well as professional. I look forward to more trainings with them.


Dalyne V.

It was a wonderful training with well prepared and committed teachers.


Sheryl G.


YogaLife provided a wonderful, comprehensive, and supportive training. It was an incredible experience.

Abby R.


This is an excellent experience that I would do over and over again!


Dannika R.

The teachers at YogaLife Institute present a gentler type of yoga emphasizing a deeper connection to the higher Self. They facilitate the discovery and exploration of the techniques of stilling the mind and creating clarity, space and openness as a way of life.


Sharyn T.


YogaLife is an amazing community of dedicated and talented teachers who bring life-changing education to those who choose to participate with commitment and faith to the practice of Yoga.

Sue B.


The program at YogaLife is fantastic for many reasons, but I love that for the 200 hour program it took place over a full year. I wasn't just trying to cram in a bunch of information to remember in a short time but really had the time to have it sink in and use it. The community is wonderful and the depth of yoga philosophy I learned is life changing. I would recommend YogaLife to anyone.


Taylor L.

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