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Meet Our Alumni

Ruth Abelman

Ruth Abelmann graduated in 2002 from the Integrative Yoga Therapy program at the Prana Studio for Yoga and Health with Hannelore Moebius in Durham, NH and recently the YogaLife Institute's 500 hour Classical Yoga teacher training program. Ruth feels lucky to have found yoga in her 30's and loves introducing and sharing the gift of yoga on the mat and off the mat with others. She has taught in many different settings finding that her passion for the physical, philosophical spiritual and psychological aspects of yoga blend well with her professional work in Student Affairs at UNH. Ruth is energized by the forever evolving journey of living and teaching yoga, exploring and integrating yoga with life, students, family, community and friends.

Maura Abramo

Maura has found Yoga to be essential to her well-being, developing a more regular and consistent practice over the past 10 years. Through a variety of health issues, family dynamics, work struggles, and emotional challenges, she has always found that yoga was always there for her whenever she was ready. It is the grounding practice that allows her to reconnect, slow down, look inward, and quiet her mind from all the swirling distractions. Maura graduated from YogaLife Institute's 200 hr. Classical Yoga Teaching program in December 2019. Since 2012, Maura has been working as a Physical Therapist Assistant which allows her to work with patients in an intimate one-on-one setting providing therapeutic treatments that are individualized for safety and effectiveness, while providing variations to keep patients free from pain. In 2013, Maura completed a 25-hr. Chair Yoga Certification from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and in 2015 completed an 18-hr. Restorative Yoga Workshop with Erin Ehlers. Maura combines her yoga skills, training, and experience with those gained from her physical therapy experience in order to create a unique experience for her students by accessing her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathophysiology, injuries and contraindications. Through her choice of language and cueing, she is able to facilitate her students' awareness of their own bodies and make each student feel that they are exactly where they should be on any given day. Maura is passionate about teaching private clients and small groups to cultivate a more personalized and individual experience for her students. Off the mat, Maura loves to travel and explore with her husband, spend time outside hiking, running, and paddle boarding, as well as cooking, reading, spoiling her two kitties (aka the bunnies) and being a homebody the rest of the time!

Kerrie Antunes

Kerrie Antunes is a transplant from Massachusetts who moved to New Hampshire two years ago to enjoy a slower, quieter way of life. Having a strong yoga practice for over 15 years she decided to deepen her yoga journey by enrolling in and graduating from the 200 hour yoga teacher training program at the YogaLife Institute of NH in Classical Yoga. Kerrie knows firsthand the subtle yet profound gifts yoga brings to the body, mind and spirit and is excited to share a meaningful practice with her students. When you consciously begin a yoga practice, you begin a practice of self-love where attention and awareness turn inward. The more we cultivate self-love the more manageable our lives become. The more manageable our lives become the more we have to share with the world. Kerrie is looking forward to continuing her education in yoga studies and digging deeper into her own self study. There’s always more and being curious is the next step. Outside of the studio she loves to read books, be outdoors and fine tune her archery skills. She loves spending time with her children, grandchildren, her animals and a husband who’s her ride or die.

Jennifer Barker

Jennifer, a graduate of YogaLife Institute of NH 200-hour teaching program, discovered yoga as a recovery method during her competitive sports years. Initially drawn to yoga for its physical benefits, she soon realized that it offered so much more than just a workout. Yoga became her sanctuary, a place where she could quiet her mind, connect with her body, and tap into a deeper sense of self awareness. She believes in the transformative power of yoga and encourages self-acceptance and self-care. Jennifer continues to expand her knowledge through ongoing study and remains dedicated to her own personal growth as a yogi and a teacher.

Dawn Barker

Dawn Barker is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. Dawn is also a certified human resource professional and has a master’s in organizational leadership.“Yoga found me at a time in my life where I had so many balls in the air; I am not sure how I kept them all going. Truth be told, I had them all going but at what cost and how well was I managing it all… my family, my body and stress level would probably tell you a different story. My yoga “practice” was more about the physical practice and “comparing” myself than any mind, body connection. The 200- hour program at YogaLife was transformative. I have learned to listen to my breath, my body and my higher being in order to feel confident, present and happy.” I want to hold space for others to explore and notice their physical, emotional and spiritual being in order to shine their light brighter, and discover their best self.

Karen Batchelder

Karen Batchelder is a graduate of YogaLife Institute's 200-hour and 500-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training programs and the Level 1 Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training. She is also certified in the Usui System Reiki tradition. Karen began her yoga journey in 1998 as a method to alleviate anxiety. She discovered that yoga provided not only stress relief, but a series of tools and life lessons that help with anxiety and so much more. "I aspire to help others seeking relief from stress and anxiety by integrating these wonderful tools and personal discoveries into my gentle yoga classes where relaxation is a focal point. My intention is to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all levels of ability, ages, and body types." "Yoga therapy is a personalized approach to health and wellness that helps clients understand and transform their stress and anxiety. Yoga Therapy sessions utilize yoga philosophy and its practices, including conversation, gentle yoga postures, breath and relaxation to help restore health and peace of mind." Karen is the graphic designer, website administrator, social media content creator and content manager for Julie Rost Yoga at

Nancy Beach

Nancy Beach has been teaching Classical yoga for over 5 years and has completed the 500 hour training level with YogaLife Institute of NH. When not teaching yoga, Nancy and her husband spend a lot of time playing with their two golden retrievers and running a video production company in Portsmouth, NH. The Bhagavad Gita says, "On this path (yoga) no effort is wasted, no gain is ever reversed; even a little of this practice will shelter you from great sorrow." Nancy brings this philosophy of her yoga practice to every class. Teaching the Classical Yoga (Hatha) style, Nancy starts the class with a short discussion allowing each student to create a personal intention that is carried through the rest of the class through every pose (asana). Each class ends with a short meditation. Every student is honored whether a beginner or an experienced yogi.

Alice Bentley

Alice Bentley, RYT500, Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Level 1 has been a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor since 2011. She is a graduate of YogaLife Institute of NH’s 200 and advanced 300 hour yoga teacher training programs. She also has an additional 300 hour training in comprehensive yoga therapy. Alice previously co-owned and directed the YogaLife Institute of NH with Julie Rost. She now is a co-owner and director of the YogaLife Institute of NH Teacher Training LLC with Carter and Allison. She experienced positive, transformational change to her health, stress levels and relationships when she found Classical Yoga and the 200 hour teacher training program at YogaLife. She is passionate about sharing these life changing teachings with others. As a ‘householder yogi’, balancing a busy life with 5 children, husband, and multiple pets, she has found the wisdom and practice of yoga to be profoundly supportive. She deeply believes in the power of yoga to transform our relationship to stress and to ease our way in the world. Her passion is for training yoga teachers, seeing their personal transformation through the programs and creating a learning environment that develops confidence and practical skills to enable them to share their unique gifts through their teaching.

Maya Bhatt Hardcastle

Maya is a NH based EYRT200 and RYT500 yoga teacher with certifications in yin yoga, restorative yoga and yoga nidra. Cultivating balance and peace, self exploration and honoring oneself are all encouraged in her teaching. “I have found yoga to be a life-changing practice that has deepened my relationship with myself and those around me and has contributed to better health in body and mind. There is great wisdom and strength to be found when looking within and taking the time to nourish and be with yourself. I love sharing this perspective in my classes.” Maya has been a student of many styles of yoga for over two decades. She is a registered ERYT200 and RYT500 with Yoga Alliance. She is a graduate of the Abhyasa Institute 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and YogaLife Institute of NH advanced 300 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. In addition, she has completed several complimentary yoga trainings including; Yin Yoga Teacher Training : Foundations Module with Josh Summers from Josh Summers School of Yin Yoga Fundamentals of Breath-Centered Anatomy, Vinyasa Practice and Principles, Yoga of the Foot and Reimagining Alignment From the Ground Up with Leslie Kaminoff Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Maureen Miller of Yoga NH Yoga Nidra with Jean Marie Belzile of At Om Yoga, NH Yoga Nidra with Rolf Sovic of the Himalayan Institute, PA Maya also has Reiki II, Carol Wallace, has a Shodan degree in martial arts and is a Certified Zentangle Teacher instructing mindfulness with pen and paper. Off the mat Maya enjoys being creative in the kitchen, the garden and with arts and crafts.

Sue Bielski

Sue Bielski came to yoga in her 30s seeking low-impact physical exercise, but she soon found herself drawn to exploring the deeper aspects of the practice. Today Sue is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute 200-hour Teacher Training program, eager to share the gift of yoga with the curious. The experience of yoga, as Sue imagines it, includes developing new perspectives, experimenting with the unfamiliar, opening up beneficial paths of communication, and cultivating light-heartedness as one moves through life.

Kristan Bishop

Kristan Bishop is a graduate of the Yogalife Institute's 200 Hour Teacher Training program. She has practiced yoga for almost 20 years and has studied with Hannelore Moebius. "I started yoga when I was working full time in a high pressure career in sales and marketing and new Mom. Yoga has helped me find peace, balance and a new level of awareness in my life." Kristan's teaching style is sincere and heartfelt. Her easy going demeanor helps students feel at ease in the class. She uses creative, descriptive cues and music to enhance the experience. "I believe that yoga is more than just a physical practice on the mat, it is a way to relax and open to possibilities" Kristan is a musician and the Mom of three active boys. (She is also a certified Reiki Practitioner.)

Sarah Lynn Bohorquez

Sarah Lynn completed her 200 hour teacher training at YogaLife Institute and Level 1 Hatha Yoga teacher training at Sadhana Center, Atkinson NH. She is certified with the Yoga Alliance. Sarah began practicing yoga 20 years ago when her children were young and she needed a way to refuel. Yoga has brought more to her life than she ever imagined. Sarah teaches traditional Hatha yoga, combining the physical practice of yoga postures (asanas) with breathing (pranayama). She embraces mindfulness, strength, and flexibility on the mat and in daily life.
Sarah is a Fiber Artist and a juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen. She dyes, spins and knits wool from local farms. Her current work includes an exploration of the colors of the chakras. Sarah has also studied herbalism, completing the Art and Science of Herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar. As an herbalist, Sarah feels a deep connection to the earth. She is especially inspired by wild herbs and the healing and empowering energy of being in nature.

Lisa Boldin

Lisa Boldin is a presenter at and graduate of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda. She has been practicing yoga since 2004 is a 2012 graduate of the Yoga Life Institute of NH's 200 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training Program. Lisa is currently a certification candidate in Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) as taught by The Trauma Center at JRI in Brookline, MA. Her passion is to share the complementary practices of TCTSY and Ayurveda with her clients, creating a path to healing that includes a clinical form of yoga with the lifestyle and diet teachings of Ayurveda. Lisa owns Sama Tal Ayurveda & Yoga, based in Portsmouth, NH and is a contributor to where she writes on the topic of how Yoga and Ayurveda can contribute to healing trauma.

Libbie Bridge

Libbie views every experience as an opportunity to grow and serves to support others in doing the same. She completed her 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training and Level 1 Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training at the YogaLife Institute. Through the teachings of the institute and her own practice, she has learned that Yoga is a powerful force in transforming stress. Even though many of its teachings are simple, they are not always easy. For Libbie, practicing Yoga both on and off the mat, is always worth the effort. As a working mother of two, she experiences the joys and struggles of juggling self, family, and work every day. By channeling Yoga's powerful practices, Libbie serve as a guide, so individuals can learn to find and listen to their inner voice of wisdom and transform their relationship with stress.

Beth Brown

Beth Brown, LCSW, RPYT. Beth is a therapist in Haverhill, MA, specializing in perinatal mood disorders, loss and infertility. She has been teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga classes at the YogaLife Institute of NH since 2014 and has completed the 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu. With her years of experience as a birth doula and lactation counselor, she is well-equipped to assist women through the perinatal period. She believes that all women deserve the feeling of empowerment, pride and joy that accompanies birth and the transition to motherhood. For more information and resources about yoga, pregnancy and postpartum, you can follow Beth on Facebook at Stillwater Maternal Wellness.

Joy Bryan Markley

Joy Bryan Markley, Ph.D. is a graduate of the Yogalife Institute's 200 Level and 500 Level teacher training programs, the Level I Comprehensive Yoga Therapist program, as well as the meditation training program at Blue Moon Yoga with Julie Rost. She is also trained to teach yoga to kids and writes a column for YogaLifeNH called Little Buddhas Teaching a child-friendly version of Classical Yoga to young yogis between the ages of 6 and 10 has become the perfect way for Joy to share what she has learned in her yoga studies with others. She continues her studies in the area of restorative yoga and yoga therapy. Her brother recently bought her a mirror to put in her office. Around the frame it reads, "You can be anything you want to yourself." That pretty much sums up Joy's philosophy in yoga and in life. Joy lives in Kittery, Maine with her wonderful, loving husband Ken, and sweet yellow lab, Olivia.

Rebecca Buell

Rebecca Buell is a graduate of the Yoga Life Institute's 200 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training. Although asana practice brought about profound changes in her life, the study of yoga philosophy has changed the way she sees and lives in the world. As a practicing massage therapist and hypnotherapist, she has a unique understanding of how the mind and body affect one another and how both affect an individual's reality. She brings this perspective to all that she does professionally.

Jennifer Bukowski

Jennifer Bukowski is a graduate of the YogaLife Institutes 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training Program and certified in the Usui Reiki Tradition. “When I enrolled in Teacher Training, my intention wasn’t necessarily to become a teacher. I had attended yoga classes on and off for 15 years, and had always viewed it as another form of exercise. It wasn’t until I took my first Gentle Yoga Class at YogaLife that I became aware of how much more yoga has to offer in the way of self study. The TT program provided a safe space to explore unresolved trauma. These “issues in my tissues” presented in so many unhealthy behaviors until I was finally able to find the courage to accept and move through them. I was given permission to examine and deconstruct the fear based belief system I clung to my entire life, a system that kept me small, that kept me self sabotaging because I was afraid to fail, but even more afraid to succeed. Through the TT experience, I’ve learned that the opposite of love isn’t hate - it’s fear so now, I chose love. The yogic lifestyle has brought me to the path of self-acceptance and is a profound practice of self-care that enables me to live in balance with my being. I believe many people are feeling disconnected from their bodies, their communities and their own sense of being. I didn’t go into Teacher Training thinking I would come out a teacher, but the experience proved to be far too important not to share. I offer public and private classes in my “yoga shack” on my farm in Chester, NH (Just Be - Yoga & Wellness Center) and take every opportunity available to continue my studies with the YogaLife Institute.”

Lisa Burk-McCoy

Lisa Burk-McCoy has been a Classical Yoga practitioner for more than ten years and is a graduate of the 500 hour Classical Yoga training program through the YogaLife Institute of NH. She is a certified prenatal and children's yoga instructor. Lisa practices and teaches yoga as a creative exploration of the art of living deeply. Her classes engage students in a dual process of self-inquiry and therapeutic movement to encourage greater awareness of body, mind and spirit. She augments her Classical Yoga foundation with training in Iyengar yoga with Patricia Walden, Kofi Busia and others. In addition to providing instruction for adults, children and private clients, Lisa leads workshops, writes yoga curriculum for children and provides business consulting for yoga organizations. When not practicing yoga, she dabbles as a musician, playing flute in a local contra-dance band and teaching classical flute lessons to children and adults. She is blessed with a wonderful family–a husband, son and daughter, and a menagerie of pets. They make their home in Exeter, NH.

Cheri Butler

Cheri Butler came to YogaLife's 200-hr Training Program with a background in Buddhist philosophy studies as well as Vinyasa and Iyengar asanas (postures). Classical Yoga has proven to be home for this aspiring yogini. The practice of Yoga is not painful or arduous. Yoga is unity. Classical Yoga is a nurturing, loving kindness philosophy of movement, breath and meditation, accessible to everyone. Determination, clarity and diligence have given Cheri a renewed balance of mind, body and spirit. She strives to provide a space for all to tap into their own wholeness and harmony. Classical Yoga has morphed Cheri?s practice into freedom and lightness. This freedom and lightness is what she plans to show others through daily living, service, practice and community.

Nicolle Casey

Nicolle Casey has been practicing and teaching for over 10 years and received her teacher training through the YogaLife Institute of NH. Accredited as an E-RYT500 yoga instructor, Nicolle’s unique approach integrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga into daily living. Her healing and spiritual journey also led her to become trained in Reiki & Somato Respiratory Integration Breath Work. Through daily meditation and mindfulness, Nicolle helps her students attune to their natural rhythms, allowing them to enjoy the ebb and flow of balancing family, home, work, ​and reveals their gifts as active members of our community. The tools of Yoga can help us maintain physical and mental wellbeing and improve the quality of our life and those around us. Nicolle resides in Stratham with her husband and two children, dog, cat and 12 chickens. Visit the "Living Yoga" blog for ideas and inspirations of a Yogic life style as well as for class topics and times.

Carey Clark

Dr. Carey S. Clark is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training programs. Carey became interested in classical yoga after reading Dr. Butera's work and realizing that they both had attended the California Institute of Integral Studies for their doctoral degrees. Carey is a registered nurse and reiki master, and one of her main motivators for becoming certified as a yoga instructor was to be able to teach yoga and healing with her nursing students at University of Maine at Augusta. Carey has designed a yoga curriculum for BSN nursing students that includes weekly experiences with classical yoga and meditation, and academic work for the course is completed online. Carey is striving to work as a consultant to bring yoga as a healing therapy and self-care modality into more schools of nursing and healthcare settings.

Celeste Cole

Celeste Cole, RYT 500, is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of NH's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program and Level 1 of the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program. Originally coming to yoga for its physical health benefits, her interests are now its philosophical insights and timeless, life affirming, wisdom. She is drawn to a gentle practice focusing on mindfulness and pranayama (breath control). Celeste appreciates that yoga offers deep relaxation, stress reduction, and endless opportunities for learning and growth. She believes that yoga is for everybody and enjoys sharing yoga with others simply and with gratitude. “Every spirit builds itself a house; and beyond its house, a world; and beyond its world a heaven. Know then, that the world exists for you: build, therefore, your own world.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beth Connelly

Beth Connelly is a graduate of the Yogalife Institute's 200 Hour Teacher Training program. She has practiced yoga for over 50 years- beginning as a teen with “Yoga on the Beach” at Lake Erie. Beth has studied Jon Kabitt Zin’s Mindfulness Meditation at the University of Buffalo and has studied Shamanic Healing in Hamilton, MA. Beth was part of an Enneagram process group for many years. Inner wisdom and spiritual study has been her passion for years. The 5000 year old philosophy of Yoga drew her to the 200 hour training as well as the goal of deepening her practice of yoga.

Hilary Crowley

Hilary Crowley is a Natural Health Intuitive and Reiki practitioner at Whole Life Health Care in New Hampshire. Her practice promotes healing through energy balance and body wisdom resulting in less stress, more clarity, and a renewed sense of wellness. Natural Health Intuition is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis but can assist in identifying the root of an issue on a physical, chemical, emotional, and spiritual level. Hilary has studied with several leaders in the Energy Medicine field including Donna Eden, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Dr. Steven Farmer, Carol Rittenberger,PhD, Dr. Judith Young,PhD and Dr. Miriam Wolf. She is a graduate of Yoga Life Institute 200 hour teacher training program and incorporates ancient knowledge of the yoga lifestyle (breath, meditation, attitude, mindfulness, and movement) into her professional practice. Hilary teaches Reiki and Natural Health Intuition courses in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York, including at the National Autism Association in Manhattan. She continues to follow the latest research and teachings in the practice of healing through energy work.

Clara Duff-Marsh

Clara Duff-Marsh received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification from YogaLife Institute of Exeter, New Hampshire. Having practiced off and on for about 8 years, Clara had always entertained the idea of becoming an instructor and did so when she decided it was time to channel her energy in a positive way. She is thrilled she did. What Clara enjoys most about yoga, and brings to her classes and daily life, is this unique combination of physical and mental challenge, coupled with acceptance for one’s self and those around them. She hopes to bring positivity into everyone’s day and make them feel at ease on their mat and is so thankful for YogaLife Institute and it’s teachers who brought this energy and education to her.

June Dunne

June Dunne is a graduate of the 200 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Life Institute in NH, and is currently pursuing the 500 hour certificate. Having a rajasic (high energy) nature, I have always enjoyed movement over stillness and it was no surprise that I pursued national certifications in group exercise and personal training. I taught Yoga under the umbrella of those certifications for many years, from high functioning athletes to seniors and children. Knowing there was more to yoga than just stretching the physical body, I explored many different eastern philosophies and practiced many different styles of yoga, and eventually found my way to the teacher training at the YogaLife Institute. I experience new insights about my physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic, and spiritual bodies every time I come to the mat, and my calling has become to guide others along in their yoga journey.

Barbara Dunsford

Barbara entered the 200 hour YogaLife Institute program in 2006 to deepen her yoga practice with philosophy, knowledge of body mechanics and community. Teaching was not in the picture until Lily Sibley, her teacher at Ocean Spirit Yoga, asked her to sub for her and the seed was planted. With a respectful understanding and integration of yoga mind, body and spirit, she teaches a mindful practice of philosophy, breath, careful alignment and modifications for a balanced practice of safety, ease and centering. Her “come as you are” mode of teaching is rooted in the practice of “every time we come to our mats, we begin again”. Barbara has taught in her native city of Lowell at Community Teamwork Inc., Sangha Yoga Collective, Yoga on Boarding House Park and Whistler Park, and the Community Family’s Alzheimer’s Center. She has taught at the Lowell Community Health Center for the past 9 years. Her daytime passion is being the Director of Development at Lowell House Inc., a 46 year non-profit addiction, recovery and residential center.

Wendy Durham

Wendy Durham has been involved in the health and wellness industry her entire life. She received her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and worked as a Spa Director in the Hotel industry for many years while teaching fitness classes. Ultimately, her interest in holistic health led her to leave the corporate world to become a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), specializing in prenatal massage for the past 19 years. She has taught Prenatal Massage, Infant Massage and Anatomy and Physiology, most recently as an adjunct faculty member at Great Bay Community College. After opening her own private massage practice within the Yogalife Institute, Wendy decided to continue her love of learning by studying yoga and becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). She is now excited to bring her many years of prenatal experience to the mat as part of her Prenatal Yoga Class. Wendy’s goal is to provide a Prenatal Yoga Class for all levels and to focus on safe movement to build strength and stability, relaxation and a deeper connection. Connection to your changing body, your growing baby and to your prenatal community! Wendy lives in Exeter with her husband, two daughters, one enormous cat, a lizard and three very noisy gerbils.

Cheryl Eberhardt

After practicing yoga for over 15 years, Cheryl Eberhardt received her 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher certification so that she could share how yoga eases both physical and mental pain as it relaxes the body, calms the mind and nurtures the soul. In addition to yoga, Cheryl is a seasoned marketing professional who also finds joy in hiking, running, skiing, oil painting, photography, reading, and mindful travel she takes with her husband and two young children.

Nancy Erb

Nancy Erb is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. She is also a Certified Career Services Provider and Career Transition Coach. As a Myers Briggs Type Indicator Facilitator and ENFJ, Nancy has always been passionate about possibilities for people. Back in the 90s, Nancy was “prescribed” Iyengar yoga by an osteopath to help with chronic muscle tension and anxiety and took classes when she could between working as a human resources professional and raising two daughters with her husband. She devoted more time to yoga starting in 2007 and was inspired by gifted teachers to go deeper. “The more I learned about yoga philosophy and all eight limbs, the more the yogic path just made sense to me.” She feels very fortunate to have found YogaLIfe Institute and the training has transformed her practice both on and off the mat. Nancy has a special interest in gentle, chair and restorative yoga. She teaches at The Yoga Center in Portland, Maine.

Bailee Ethridge

Bailee Ethridge, MS, RYT-200, is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of NH’s 200-hour program. Having experienced it firsthand, she strongly believes in the healing power of yoga and nature, particularly with burnout and stress. Her teaching encourages self-care and offers an empowering practice as she guides her students to find their own inner peace and happiness. Bailee first started practicing yoga in 2013 when she registered for her kinesiology credits in college at Texas A&M University. She soon discovered the benefits of a regular practice. With a desire to learn more philosophically and improve her own personal practice, Bailee enrolled in the YogaLife Teacher Training program. That is where she learned the true power and transformation that yoga had to offer on the mind, body, and spirit. Bailee now embraces the fully yogic lifestyle on and off the mat. With an educational background in Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology, she is now a full time program manager and epidemiologist for the State of New Hampshire and offers yoga to her colleagues as well as those in her local community. She lives in Barrington, New Hampshire on a growing small farm with her fiancé, their four dogs, horse, and chickens.

Sherry Evans

Sherry found herself at a life crossroad just prior to her 60th birthday. Seeking clarification, focus, and to fulfill a dream of many years, she enrolled in the YogaLife Instittue Classical Yoga training, graduating at the 200 hour level. She is an RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance. Sherry is a librarian of 25+ years, has practiced yoga for over 10 years and wears the many hats of a full life. She believes that life is an adventure and can be lived to the fullest no matter what phase of life a person is in. Yoga brings her peace, joy and the skills to live simply and fully. As a yoga teacher, Sherry encourages each student's inner wisdom, strength, and self-esteem to blossom.

Sharon Fellows Lamb

Sharon Fellows Lamb is a graduate of the 200 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program at the YogaLife Institute and is currently enrolled in the 500 hour program. Sharon came to yoga from a gymnastics background, seeking a way to maintain strength, flexibility, and body awareness as she eased into a non-competitive physical practice. Sharon's practice later deepened in response to pregnancy and new motherhood, as she found that yoga provided not only physical benefits, but also helped to manage fatigue, stress, and anxiety. Through her studies of classical Indian philosophy and her YogaLife training, Sharon has come to embrace yoga as a holistic lifestyle, and is enthusiastic and honored to share the depth and breadth of yoga practice with others. When she is not "on the mat," Sharon enjoys being outdoors, is passionate about real food, and works continually to apply yogic teachings to her daily life and relationships as a full-time home schooling mom.

Carla Ferrara

Carla Ferrara is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. Carla first started practicing yoga years ago, became certified, and has been teaching both chair and mat classes at the Workout Club and Wellness Center in Salem, Manchester and Londonderry NH for many years now. She is also a certified Personal Trainer. As an avid rower, biker and runner, she saw the advantages of practicing yoga to enhance her technique and mindset during those other activities. This inspired her to train further in classical yoga. Little did she know that she would explore much more than technique and mindset in her yoga studies. As a result, she has been able to connect deeper with clients not only on a mind and body level, but also on a spirit level as a yoga teacher and Personal Trainer. Carla’s main career focus has become a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner and was certified through Functional Nutrition Alliance, formerly Replenish PDX. Yoga philosophy and techniques are integral keys in the full body approach to healing that functional medicine practice encourages, and incorporating mind, body, spirit concepts to help heal people with chronic health and trauma challenges.

Melinda Ferreira

Melinda Ferreira has been practicing yoga for over a decade. Originally introduced to yoga because of a severe back injury, she initially approached the practice for physical healing. She eventually discovered that the mental and energetic benefits she received from yoga provided the full spectrum balance she had been seeking. Melinda's passion for mind-body-soul connection prompted her to deepen her practice and truly "live her yoga." It was at this point she realized she wanted to share this beautiful gift with others through teaching. Melinda is certified in Classical Yoga and Yoga for Surfers. Her studies are deeply rooted in the ancient texts, yogic philosophy, and spirituality. Melinda's expertise in the physical body comes from both personal and professional experience. Professionally, Melinda has worked in the medical and surgical fields for 10 years, training surgeons in minimally invasive surgery. This has provided her with expert knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. It has also highlighted her natural ability to teach and train others. Personally, she is a year-round cold-water surfer and lifelong athlete, and possesses an innate appreciation of the importance of developing and maintaining a strong and healthy body. Melinda has been blessed to practice and study around the world, including New England, California, New Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali, and Mexico.

Lisa Flynn

Lisa Flynn is a graduate of the 200 hour Classical Yoga program and continues her studies in the 500 hour training. She is the founder of ChildLight Yoga (, a company offering yoga programs for babies, children, teens and families around the Maine and NH Seacoast area as well as children's yoga teacher trainings around the U.S. More recently, Lisa has also founded Yoga 4 Classrooms™ ( Its mission is to transform educational environments through yoga based wellness training and support. Yoga 4 Classrooms empowers students and educators to create positive, peaceful, productive classrooms that support exceptional learning and a lifetime of health and wellness. Y4C includes professional development workshops for school staff as well as an in-classroom residency, ensuring program sustainability. The associated Yoga 4 Classrooms Card Deck, designed for use as an invaluable classroom resource, is slated to published in the Spring 2011. Lisa trains and speaks at many schools, wellness conventions and yoga centers around the U.S. She is married with two children and lives in South Berwick, ME. Admittedly, work, her children's activities, and even just keeping the house clean can become stressful at times. Lisa strives to utilize yoga, meditation, and power of positive thought to bring balance to her life. Her intention is to teach her young students to do the same, providing them with tools they can use for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Nancy Frost

Yoga life institute 225 hour teacher training graduate~2013. I chose teacher training to learn where my yoga teachers came to such grace and peace. I found lots of the answers and have many moments of peace, joy, and grace. Teaching helps me to continue learning.

Valerie Gilbert

Yoga has changed my life. After my husband died Yoga opened me to all the wonderful adventures and possibilities life has to offer. My desire is to open this door for others to enter. The community here is nurturing and welcoming. I teach Yoga in N.H. and Costa Rica, my second home.

Jennifer Golia

Jennifer Golia is a graduate of the Yoga Life Institutes's 200-hour program and is continuing her studies in the 500-hour program. Jennifer's yoga journey started seven years ago when she discovered yoga as a strategy to manage stress and anxiety. Over time, Jennifer has been able to take her yoga away from the mat and to use yoga philosophy to move through her daily life.

Julie Golkowski

Julie Golkowski, MA, PD, LCMHC, is a graduate of the 300 hour Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program. With over twenty five years of clinical experience serving vulnerable youth and their families, Julie has offered solutions in multiple capacities. She has served as Principal Consultant in a National Consulting Company, Children's Director at a Community Mental Health Center, and Clinical Coordinator in a residential program for youth with histories of trauma, abuse, neglect, and juvenile justice involvement. Julie has been a statewide and national trainer/presenter at conferences covering topics in the fields of resilience, trauma, mentoring, post traumatic stress disorder, suicide prevention/postvention and attachment theory. She has also trained and supervised clinicians in evidenced based practices in mental health.

Sandy Guy

Sandra practiced Bikram and stand-up paddle board yoga for five years before coming to Yogalife. She was eager to learn more about the philosophy of Classical Yoga that is not always represented in other yogic styles. Sandra is an Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, practicing both Usui and Oceanic Reiki. Often referred to as the soap lady, Sandy is also the creator behind Merrimack Valley Essentials an all-natural handmade soap and body product business that she started from home. Her business has grown locally and internationally since 2003. Sandra is a full-time college professor and is working toward her Doctoral of Science in Public Health. She plans to focus her research on mind-body and complimentary medicine “I came to Yogalife to learn more about yoga philosophy without fully understanding just how much this experience would change my entire prospective of life. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. The 200 Hour program was flexible, supportive and the instructors were incredible. Sandra is presently offering healing sessions and classes to individuals and groups.

Rebecca Harrison

Rebecca has been teaching yoga for 4 years and practicing for 15. She has her 200 hour RYT certificate from Prasada Yoga, North Hampton (2014) and 300 hour RYT certificate from The Yogalife Institute, Exeter (2017). In keeping with the traditions of classical yoga while being adaptive and innovative, she hopes the information she gives and the knowledge you gain will simply improve your life. She believes yoga is for everybody and strives to make her class inclu-sive and inspiring. Rebecca also has two certifications in Life Coaching from UNH and has broad life experience. Originally from Australia, she has lived in Japan, the UK and now 15 years here in the United States. When not teaching yoga she spends time with her family, including the schnauzers, painting, reading, cooking and being involved in community service.

Wendy Henshaw

Wendy Henshaw is a graduate of the Yoga Life Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training Program and continues her studies in the 500-hour program.She has been practicing hatha yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2001. After mentoring with a Kripalu trained instructor she realized not only the physical benefits of yoga, but also the spiritual side of Yoga. Her spiritual experience led her to energy work and she is Certified as an Integrated Energy Therapist. Wendy recently studied in Northern India and completed a 200 hour teacher training program in the classical Sivananda style of yoga. Through divine wisdom we all come together to share Yoga and our spirit. She lives in East Kingston with her husband.

Pam Herring

Pam is a registered RYT-500 and E-RYT 200 Classical Yoga Teacher and Level I Certified Yoga Therapist. She is also Reiki certified. She began her yoga journey in 2004, has been teaching since 2008 and enjoys being part of the YogaLIfeNH community. Outside the yoga studio, Pam has served as a naturalist at the Seacoast Science Center and is a member of Voices from the Heart, a 200-member women’s chorus, in Portsmouth. Her favorite pastime is spending time with family and friends. Pam strives to integrate the classical principles into her daily life, utilizing teachings from the ancient texts and sharing those concepts through her teaching.

Christina Howe

Christina Howe is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training Program. She is also an independent B2B marketing consultant. She began her personal Vinyasa yoga practice in 2014, combining it with various meditation methods to help find stillness and counterbalance running and other athletic pursuits. Following an unexpected spinal surgery in 2015, asana practice expedited the physical healing journey, but the loss of an activity she loved, she knew her heart and mind needed more. She decided to enroll in YogaLife’s Classical Yoga Teacher training as a way to find union of the heart, soul and body. “I was always active and doing something trying to find happiness. Yoga has provided a path to find inner stillness and the power to be comfortable with where I am right now. My desire as a teacher is to show that yoga is accessible to everyone, regardless of the state of your body, mind or spirit. You don't need to twist your body into a pretzel to practice yoga. You can be right where you are." Chris continues her yoga education through various workshops and teaches chair yoga to senior women in her neighborhood. She resides on the Massachusetts seacoast with her husband and dog and enjoys nature photography, outdoor pursuits and traveling the world.

Tom Hudson

Tom was first introduced to movement training at the age of 4 when he started to box. In a few years, boxing led to martial arts, where he began to teach at age 16. Tom then studied Kenpo, Taekwondo, Shorin-Ryu, Krav Maga, and other disciplines - all requiring intense focus and dedication. In addition to martial-arts, Tom has competed in powerlifting, CrossFit, and taught wilderness survival. The abuse and intensity his body took during these competitive endeavors led him on a journey to find a movement practice that was more gentle to his body, while also presenting rewarding challenges. In 2010, Tom started to study yoga and discovered a classical Hatha style yoga studio that spoke to his passion for meditation, provided gentle movement, and with a focus on philosophy. Outside of movement, Tom has worked in the corporate world as a technology innovation and efficiency strategist for over 2 decades and has lived in Europe, Texas, California, Puerto Rico, Michigan, and New Hampshire. Through his love of travel, technology, and leadership, Tom understands what it means to work in a fast-paced, demanding career and the importance of a self-care routine. Today, Tom teaches yoga and meditation and leads people to reconnect with nature through mindful outdoor experiences. Tom is an RYT-200, a certified Level 1 Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide, a Chopra Center Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher, and a Reiki master/teacher. He is continuing his education to obtain his RYT-500 through the YogaLife Institute of New Hampshire.

Kelly Hurd

Kelly Hurd graduated from Yogalife Institute's 200 hour program in classical yoga. She is also a level II Reiki practitioner, certified wellness coach, life coach and K-8 teacher. She has over 20 years teaching on NH's seacoast and is a former couch potato & stress case who's health was sidelined as a result. Kelly found the union of movement, breath and meditation as a path to heal and has not looked back. She currently teaches at Evolve Mindful Movement in Portsmouth, NH.

Ginny Jackson

Ginny is a certified Yoga Therapist through the YogaLife Institute of NH and 500 registered yoga teacher. She has studied Kripalu yoga, Classical yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and various types of movement re-education. She is also a licensed massage therapist and has a master's degree in exercise physiology. Ginny's work aims to empower clients in self-inquiry and therapeutic movement to encourage greater awareness of body, mind, and spirit."

Linda Jennings

Linda Jennings is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. With numerous certifications in pilates and barre and 10 years in the group fitness and personal training arena, Linda added this comprehensive yoga teacher training to her repertoire in 2015. Her own personal yoga journey began in 2006 when she became aware of the energy that moved through the body during and after a yoga practice. She began exploring practices and poses that opened up the energy channels in the body, creating peace and balance in her own fast-moving life. She has also explored how yoga and music work beautifully together and she brings this into her own teachings. She currently offers yoga classes at numerous locales and offers a gentle, but challenging practice that can be modified to any level. Her yoga classes are nurturing for all participants, and her down to earth teaching style allows her students to feel safe and without judgement as they identify their intentions and care for their body, mind and spirit. “I recommend yoga to all of my clients, but sometimes you just want to “dance” on the mat, have some fun, work your core, focus on your breath and then close out your workout with some stretching and yoga - Pilates/Yoga Fusion is the best of both worlds.”

Kathy Jones

Kathy Jones is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. She started practicing yoga more than 20 years ago when she was looking to incorporate a wellness plan into her life. She began with taking evening yoga classes at a local studio and noticed that the practice was not just about the physical body, but how balanced and calm she felt mentally and emotionally. She experienced the benefits of the practice and continued practicing and attending classes over the next 15 years. In 2016 Kathy had knee replacement surgery and took a break from her physical yoga practice. It was extremely difficult and left a huge gap in her life. When she returned to her practice, almost a year and half later, she realized how much she missed the physical practice, the connection to her yoga community and her sense of peace and balance. When she returned to her first class, she was extremely limited in her range of motion and ability to come into certain poses. Week after week she found the poses were getting easier and her leg muscles were getting stronger. When she went for her 2-year follow-up visit with her surgeon he was amazed at the strength she had gained back in her leg and the range of motion in her knee. Kathy was so grateful for her yoga practice and how it had helped her regain her strength, that she decided to enroll in Yoga Life’s 200 hour Classic Yoga Teacher Training program to be able to give the gift of yoga to her students. Kathy currently teaches All Levels and Gentle Yoga at The Yoga Room in Hampstead, NH.

Sarah Kearns

In April of 2003, I took my very first yoga class, and knew after the first hour on my mat, that this would be my home for the rest of my life. I came to my mat, to heal many physical and mental injuries from a lifetime of gymnastics and ballet. This was the first time I experienced myself in my body, with my breath surrounded by healing, non-competitive energy. As I closed the door to a life of competition, strive for perfection, and the need to please others through not taking care of myself, a new door of health, wellness, and spirit opened up. I have trained and practiced with many different teachers who come from all different backgrounds. I am perpetually inspired by teachers all over the world and draw on their knowledge and experience to inspire my own teachings.

Karen Kelley

Karen Kelley is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. She is, also, a Masters level licensed alcohol and drug counselor, as well as being a licensed clinical mental health counselor. Karen began her yoga journey after an accident left her paralyzed. The physical practice of yoga combined with the yogic approach to life greatly impacted her successful comeback. Karen is particularly interested in the ways the ancient, yet timeless, yoga philosophy is echoed in the Alcoholics Anonymous approach to recovery as laid out in the Big Book. Practicing meditation on a daily basis, Karen enjoys helping her clients use this tool as a way of dealing with life on life's terms.

Sue Kenard

Susan Kennard is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training Program. Sue began practicing yoga in 2012 as a way to ensure she maintained balance in her daily life. Once she started sharing her yoga journey with friends and loved ones, Sue felt the call to teach. As with all her passions (especially accounting and cooking), she considers herself a lifelong student. Sue is full of gratitude for having crossed paths with so many wonderful people on her continuing yoga journey. She currently teaches gentle yoga at Sama Tal Healing Center in North Hampton and is planning to pursue further study in trauma-sensitive training.

Dawn Klinker

Dawn Klinker, RYT500, is a graduate of the Yoga Life Institute's 200-hour and 500-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training programs. She is certified by the Yoga Alliance, and has been informally practicing yoga since childhood. Now through her formal training she hopes to live a lifestyle that guides and inspires others toward tuning in to the body and soul's own natural and intrinsic wisdom. Integrating all facets of yoga into our daily lives is a lifelong process with no beginning and no end. There is no better place to start than right where you are.

Meredith Kolodze

Meredith completed her 200 hour training at the Yoga Life Institute in NH. She has also completed the Yoga 4 Cancer Training with Tari Prinster. As an oncology social worker, Meredith believes that caring for the whole person is essential to our health and well being. So often when we are ill, the focus is on medications, and we don't realize that there are many other things that can assist us in living with, or recovering from, cancer. Meredith felt that there was a place for yoga in oncology care and set about finding a way to connect her passions as a social worker and a yogini. She is currently teaching a class for patients at Exeter Hospital through their Cancer Well Fit Program. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, her crazy cairn terrier, Jack, cat, Agave Aphrodite, and five chickens.

Eve Kornhauser

Eve Kornhauser, a recent RYT200 grad, has been studying yoga for over twenty years, and teaching since 2007. Her foundation of yoga is in the Anusara tradition, which is based strongly on the principals of alignment. As a singer and voice teacher, Eve has had a life-long interest in methods of body awareness such as Alexander technique, body mapping and yoga. After working in a yogic tradition that begins with the body first, she feels very lucky to have found Yoga Life Institute and to merge the physical with yoga's rich spiritual teachings. Eve believes that the practice of yoga offers us endless guidance on our journey through life.

Som Kovvuri

Som Kovvuri, RYT 500, is certified with the Yoga Alliance and is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of NH’s 200-hour and 500-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training Programs. He began his Yoga practice in earnest after attending a training program at the Gandhi Gyan Mandir in Hyderabad, India in the early 80’s. The discovery of the YogaLife Institute of NH's Teacher Training Program expanded his understanding of both physical and spiritual aspects of classical Yoga and promoted a spirit of inquiry and self-discovery. Som is a Biomedical Engineer and is thankful for the opportunity to serve patients through his various roles in the medical device industry.

Daniela Kulik

Daniela Kulik received her Sivananda yoga training certification in 1994 while living in Austria (near Vienna) where she has enjoyed teaching yoga to various levels of adults and children. Daniela's yoga journey eventually brought her to the Blue Moon Yoga studio where she completed her 500-hour Classical Yoga certification through the YogaLife Institute of NH in May 2010. Daniela is also a Reiki Master, a certified Montessori teacher, has worked with 3-6 year old children for 35years, and enjoyed teaching German at a Waldorf school. She teaches gentle yoga classes at Thrive in Exeter as well as wheelchair yoga for a local nursing home.

Helen Leavitt

Helen Leavitt is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training Program, with a focus on prenatal yoga. She is also a graduate of Misty Meadows Herbal Center's Herbal Apprenticeship Program. She combines these two disciplines to create a balanced practice and establish a means for self-healing. Helen started practicing yoga in 2004 and has benefited from many teachers and styles throughout the years. As a teacher, Helen strives to make Yogic philosophy accessible to students of all levels and to provide a peaceful and welcoming environment.

Michele Lovell

Michele was first introduced to yoga by her oldest daughter years ago who championed its benefits. She fully embraced the practice and credits it with aiding her in her work through the pandemic as an undergraduate nursing educator and palliative care nurse practitioner. She discovered the healing power of yoga and the ability to utilize its philosophical principles in caring for others and bring her back to the work she loves daily. She journeyed deeper into discovering the holistic benefits of yoga by obtaining her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification at Yoga Life Institute of NH. Yoga has enabled her to cultivate compassion and connection with others as well as herself while also enhancing a sense of awareness of the connection of body, mind, and spirit. She now offers yoga to her nursing students as well as university and community members, with the aim to allow the opportunity to know oneself fully through engagement in the practice. Pursuing her nursing doctoral studies, she will investigate the ability of yoga to impact frailty status on community-dwelling older adults. An avid swimmer since she could walk, she now compliments her swimming practice (also involving meditation, breathing and movement) with a purposeful daily yoga practice, aiming to follow a yogic lifestyle both on and off the mat.

Sophia Maamouri

Sophia has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 28 years. She expanded her practice of therapeutic bodywork with Ayurveda because its takes in account the complexity of the human being and treats each human being according to their particular constitution in a holistic way. She graduated from the Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda and is a member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. She has been studying at the Yoga Life Institute where she completed the yoga teacher training program and is continuing her studies in YogaLife's Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Program. Sophia loves sharing what she has learned over the years and the healing tools that Ayurveda provides for everyone. Ayurveda, being the “science of life” teaches us how to live simply and in balance by understanding ourselves and our environment. She believes that health is the free expression of our true Nature.

Heidi Maddoack

Heidi Maddock completed her Classical Yoga Teacher Training from the YogaLife Institute NH under the loving guidance of Julie Rost. She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Heidi now teaches at Yoga by Donation in Portsmouth and privately in her hometown of New Castle, NH. "Yoga has offered me so much, I call it my meeting of choice, and it is an honor to share it with others." Grateful to lessons learned, and still learning from fellow teachers, Julie, Lily Sibley from Ocean Spirit Yoga, Bob Vaccaro and Abby Gaul, she encourages anyone to try yoga and perhaps you too can live it and bring it into your daily life.

Sara Martino

Sara Martino is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training Program. She is a certified leader of Y12SR (the Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) and is also a certified Recovery Coach. As a person in long-term recovery herself, Sara has a unique perspective on the tools of recovery as related to Yoga. Sara’s yoga journey began 12 years ago when her aunt introduced her to a class. She has been practicing ever since and has enjoyed making connections between recovery and yoga. During her teacher training and Y12SR training with Nikki Meyers, she was able to connect the dots between 12-step programs and yoga philosophy, solidifying her path as a teacher and healer.

Rosemary Matheny

Rosemary Matheny is certified at the 500 hour level in Classical Yoga. Rosemary is also certified in level II Reiki. Yoga has become the stabilizing force in her life that drives her to teach. Her classes focus on coordination of movement with the breath to build flexibility and strength in connection of body, mind, and spirit. "The goal is to find that inner balance, light, and peace which resides in each of us that will sustain us in all of life's situations." She resides in Greenland with her husband and two children.

Marissa McAleer

Marissa is an RYT-500, having earned her certification in 2011 at the Integral Yoga Center of Highland Park, N.J. and YogaLife Institute's 500-hr Teacher Training Program. Marissa is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Her areas of yoga practice and teaching include Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Yoga Nidra/Meditation. She has specialized training in Yoga and Cancer through Yoga in Action, and is certified in Yoga and Mindfulness for Diverse Abilities through Childlight Yoga. She is a Reiki II practitioner. Marissa is the owner/manager of Empowered Movement, a personal training and private yoga business, She and her husband live in Bedford and have four rescue dogs.

Valerie McKenney

Valerie McKenney is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of New Hampshire’s Teacher Training’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. Valerie has been a resident of the NH Seacoast community since 1985. She worked as a school teacher and educational leader for many years prior to retiring in 2020. From a very young age, Valerie aspired to become a Yoga teacher. She has enjoyed being a yoga student for many years but wanted to have a deeper understanding of all aspects of Yoga. For Valerie, yoga has provided guidance in her journey to understand the nuances of life. Valerie is a member of the Yoga Alliance and meets their credentials as a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Angela McLaughlin

Angela McLaughlin, an August 2020 graduate of the Yoga Life Institute of New Hampshire’s 200 hour classical yoga teacher training program. My journey into yoga began after struggling to balance working in a corporate setting after having children. As the shift in priorities changed to my family I also felt a craving to gain a deeper sense of how I was to make my contribution to the world. This all lead me to begin practicing yoga at home, to then deciding to fully immerse myself and signing up for the 200 hour certification program. The physical practice of yoga and weaving the philosophy into my daily life has brought me the calm and healing I sought but also has helped me to live from a place of compassion as I bring this energy to our communities and our world. It has been a wonderful opportunity for personal growth, allowing me to soften my edges and become a more mindful mother, present partner for my husband and a connected friend. The path of yoga is a life long journey with so much to learn and cultivate within ourselves. I look forward to continuing to learn and develop through my own practice and teaching others virtually and in small groups. My dream is to offer up a safe, accepting, whole hearted space where women come to know and love themselves and leave practice feeling better than when they arrived.

Aaron McNulty

Aaron McNulty has been practicing yoga for ten years, is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program and continues his studies in the 500-hour program. Aaron found himself at a pivotal point in his personal journey in 2004, where he discovered and turned to the practice of yoga to come to a deeper level of understanding of his life and personal path. Aaron brings this level of self discovery and awareness to the class.

Tracey Miller

Tracey Miller received her 200-hour teacher training certification in 2015 from YogaLife Institute and is currently working toward her 500-hour advanced level Classical Yoga Teacher Training certificate. She is a freelance writer, certified holistic health coach, raw food educator and co-founder of Dig In: Real Food Solutions. She is currently working on a Women’s Health Journal. She believes in a holistic approach to wellness and offers workshops, retreats, health coaching and corporate programs for women to help them discover how amazing they can feel with a clean body and clear mind.

Jaclyn Mino

Jaclyn's first experience of yoga postures took place while she was a student in high school. She enjoyed the peace and clarity that she felt both during and after practice and became curious as to how yoga was helping these feelings to surface. Jaclyn's interest later lead her away from her hometown in Southern California to the East Coast where she enrolled in the 200-hour Teacher Training program at the YogaLife Institute of New Hampshire. Her practice intensified as the months rolled on and she began to form a more intimate relationship with yoga on a spiritual and emotional level. The simple enjoyment Jaclyn felt for yoga was transformed into a deep passion along her journey at YogaLife, and she intends to keep the fire alive by implementing the tools she has acquired through practicing yoga in her daily life. As a yoga teacher, Jaclyn strives to encourage her students to explore their own personal knowledge and wisdom by providing space for self-reflection and growth through the connection between their mind, body, and spirit. She hopes to offer guidance and support to others through yoga, and to live and teach in a way that inspires others to seek and follow their own inner truth.

Sara Beth Nelson

Sara Beth Nelson, a RYT-200 graduate of the YogaLife Institute of NH, started her yoga journey over 16 years ago with a prenatal yoga class. This experience helped her to quickly understand the power of community through the connection of yoga. Since 2016, she has been focused on the building blocks needed to teach others by deepening her personal practice. In 2022, she began to dedicate her service to the art of teaching by bringing the power of connectedness, self-love, and compassion to beginner and advanced practitioners alike. Her goal is to guide her students with the strength to surrender, and the courage to ignite the warrior within.

Beth Nerbonne

Beth is a graduate of the 500-hour YogaLife Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. Beth has found yoga to be a life-changing practice, deepening her relationship with herself and her community. She has discovered great wisdom and strength in both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, and from sharing in the yoga lifestyle with others. Beth currently resides in Portsmouth, NH with her husband Ryan, and their cat Lir.

Stacy Nestor

Stacy, a graduate of YogaLife Institute of NH-200-hour teaching program, stepped into the program looking to utilize it to further her education. She was pleasantly surprised by how much she personally gained through the program. She learned how to balance work, and life and began to put herself first in ways she was not particularly used to. The program challenged her and pushed her out of her comfort zone, in the safest ways, and she is really looking forward to utilizing all that she has learned in her every day. She is happy to say, whether by meditation a lone of physical movement, Yoga is an absolutely integral part of her life.

Karly Nihal

Karly is an IKYTA certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, a Reiki II Practitioner, and a life long spiritual seeker of awakening and truth. She completed her yoga teacher training at the Baba Siri Chand Yoga Center and Ashram in Millis, MA in 2013, and Level 1 of the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program at YogaLife. Her passion is to raise awareness in herself and others through the beautifully diverse forums of yoga, meditation and education. She believes that all have enormous power to create positive change toward a world where people are loved and accepted for who they truly are, and that yoga and meditation are powerful vehicles to get to that place. Karly teaches Kundalini yoga at Seacoast Kundalini Yoga in Portsmouth, NH and co-facilitates a by-donation Reiki healing circle with three other energy workers. She lives on the mystical seacoast in Portsmouth, NH with her wonderful husband, two amazing step-children and her eternally adored cat, Saffron.

Ala Oleksy

Ala Oleksy is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher training program. She is also a student of Comprehensive Yoga Therapy and a Reiki practitioner. Yoga came to Ala early on her healing path, opening the door for self study and liberation from mental afflictions. She provides a living example of how a Yogic lifestyle can be a successful means of coping with dis-ease and the stress of modern living. Ala lives by the notion that Yoga is about constant practice and that every effort counts. She shares the wisdom of Yoga in an inclusive and accessible manner, inspiring others to be transformed by this holistic system of living. Ala creates an inviting class environment, allowing students to explore the connection to themselves, others, and the world around them. By creating space in the body through breath and movement, we open ourselves up to that connection.

Allison Parks Dugas

Allison is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor since 2010. She is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of NH's 200 hour and advanced 300 hour programs and has additional 300 hour training in Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Level 1. She began her yoga journey in 1999 practicing Ashtanga and vinyasa-style yoga. She was drawn to the benefits of a physical practice. When she discovered the YogaLife Institute’s Classical Teacher Training program, she was at a different place in her life, married with small children, she wanted to prioritize her self-care and expand her understanding of yoga to help her navigate life better. She embraced the yogic lifestyle, a gentler form of yoga as well as the philosophical and psychological benefits. She believes yoga has been a gift in her life and she loves to share that gift with others in her studio classes, workshops, one-on-one and as an instructor and curriculum developer in the Yogalife of NH Teacher Training Program. Off her mat, she continues to bring the tools and benefits she has gained from the practice into her day-to-day life with her husband and two sons.

Slavica Popov Meinhold

Slavica Popov Meinhold graduated from the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Program in March 2013. My first encounter with yoga happened in 1998. It was a love at first sight, which has developed over the years into a deep relationship, with many benefits for my entire being. Yoga gave me the tools that have been helping me the through the life: from simply being in shape, maintain positive attitude to becoming more connected to myself. I enjoy practicing asanas and expressing myself through the movement of my body. But the study of yoga offered me also the paths towards my inner strength and flexibility, peace and acceptance. Recently I started sharing this exciting experience of journey into yoga teaching on Sunday morning at Ocean Spirit Yoga in Portsmouth, NH. These classes are designed with the idea of the first baby steps into yoga practice: simple, open and accessible.

Pilar Prime

Pilar Prime, CHHC, trained in Classical Yoga at the YogaLife Institute, born of the Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India. She is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, affiliated with Columbia University, where she was certified as a Holistic Health Counselor. Pilar lives with her husband and daughter in Strafford, where they raise chickens, grow vegetables, and enjoy the country life. She teaches yoga, counsels in holistic nutrition, writes and gives workshops in and around the Seacoast area. Pilar is board-certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

Karen Prindle

Karen Prindle is a 2014 graduate of the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. Karen started her yoga journey back in 2000, originally looking for ways to manage stress through relaxation. She feels yoga has provided her many positive tools on & off the mat such as breath-work, self-awareness and being present. Understanding that yoga is about the union of mind, body & spirit, Karen expanded her studies in yogic philosophy, Ayurveda self-care and energy work. In staying with this yoga "union" philosophy, she has since become an Usui System Reiki Energy Practitioner. Karen feels Reiki is a beneficial and effective method for her clients overall well-being. Growing and evolving is an important part of her personal journey, she hopes to continue sharing more in her practice such as clean skincare and home energy clearing (clutter-free lifestyle). We never know where our paths will lead, but working together as a community is an important part of the process. Partnering up with other practitioners in combining their unique healing modalities is always a dream of hers as well. She teaches Private Yoga (Hatha and Yin Yoga Nidra) and provides Reiki Sessions in the Greater Atlanta area. Karen is CPR certified and can be found on for further contact information.

Robert Pruyne Jr.

Rob first met yoga and mediation as a way to focus as a wrestler and football player. Many years later as part of his weight loss journey, he came back to yoga in a more formal manner. He instantly took to how yoga calmed his mind and allowed for a more peaceful presence of being. He quickly realized that his path might include teacher training to gain a greater understanding of the mind/body connection of yoga. Robert completed his RYT-200 training in classical yoga at the YogaLife Institute of NH in 2021. He regularly practices Yin and Vinyasa, or whatever else fits his schedule. Rob hopes to encourage people who might be hesitant to come to the mat. He himself struggled initially with feeling out of place in a yoga studio, but felt instantly at home at Mill Yoga. He likes to think yoga is for every body! Rob hopes to continue his training realizing he has only scratched the surface of yoga. Off the mat, Rob works in the realm of regional planning and natural resources as a map maker, which allows him to analyze data and do other nerdy things. He enjoys hiking, woodworking and spending time with his wife, child and golden retriever ‘Ted’.

Lisa Rockenmacher

Lisa Rockenmacher, M.A.T., ERYT- 500 and YACEP, is a senior faculty member for the YogaLifeNH teacher training program. Lisa is dedicated to encouraging others to share their gifts through helping them discern and embody their unique wisdom. Her yoga certifications include Classical Yoga E-RYT 500, Kundalini Yoga (including 120 hours of Level 2 training), and 300 hours of Comprehensive Yoga Therapy education. Lisa’s love of exploring energy and consciousness is an integral part of her work not only as a yoga teacher, but also as an intuitive healer and Reiki master teacher; she is certified in Usui-Tibetan as well as Karuna Reiki. Lisa’s teaching invites self- inquiry, spontaneity, and the opportunity for her students to be receptive to awareness of mind, body, and breath as a path to inner wisdom. Lisa has many years of experience teaching chakra classes, workshops, and series. As a result of her yoga experience and intuitive energy teaching and practice, Lisa has gained an experiential knowledge of how energy feels in the body. She enjoys awakening and encouraging this energy awareness in others. Lisa’s classes use many varied modalities to facilitate learning, enjoyment, and increased understanding for all types of students. When teaching in a group setting, Lisa is sensitive and responsive to the needs of the moment; her classes are cohesive, energy-balancing, and welcoming to all.

Abby Rosmarin

Abby Rosmarin is a Yoga Alliance-registered yoga teacher, NASM-certified personal trainer, and AFAA-certified group fitness instructor, as well as a graduate of the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program at YogaLife. She has received additional trainings in yin yoga, trauma-informed yoga, and yoga for mind-body resilience. Abby teaches a variety of different styles and for a wide assortment of levels and abilities, including chair yoga at assisted living facilities and mindful yoga for service men & women. Abby truly believes that yoga is for everybody and every body, and it is purely a matter of finding the right path forward. Abby approaches her classes in a warm, welcoming, and fun manner. She encourages her students to be curious and to celebrate the natural differences in everyone's body structures. Above all else, Abby wants her students to use their practice as a chance to remind themselves of their own inner strength, wisdom, and power. Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self, and everyone's path will take on a unique spin of its own.

Dannika Ross

Dannika Ross is a charismatic teacher who emphasizes self-awareness and engages her students to practice with authenticity and integrity, meeting them exactly where they are. Dannika shares her yogic insight through mindful movements, creative transitions, and pranayama practices highlighting the importance of breathing. Illuminating the many benefits of conscious breathing and incorporating breath-work into her classes is a speciality and a passion of hers. Dannika is a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, who teaches her classes with the intention of creating sustainability and holistic awareness on personal and global levels. With a deep passion for nature and adventure, Dannika hosts beach/outdoor yoga classes, guides yoga hikes, teaches SUP yoga on the water and co-hosts international yoga retreats. You can also take live yoga classes with Dannika online through the OmPractice platform. From beginners to experienced practitioners, all students are encouraged to step on their mats, be themselves and practice with Dannika. To learn more about Dannika and her sustainability yoga practices off and on the mat please visit her website or email Dannika at

Cheryl Rossman

Cheryl Rossman ERYT-200, RYT500, YACEP. Cheryl is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of NH's Classical Yoga program and Level 1 Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program. She is also a certified children's instructor. Her training includes: Yoga for Children with ADHD, Autism and Those Who are Differently-Abled, Yoga Minded Teenagers, and Pediatric Yoga. She also completed course work in Therapeutic Yoga for seniors, Restorative Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. Cheryl teaches Gentle, Chair, Restorative, Family, Children's Yoga and private classes in the Seacoast area. Her hope is to help students incorporate yoga into their daily lives to create balance and peace. She is passionate about helping children use yoga to enjoy learning. A happy healthy mind and body are the first steps. So often test anxiety and peer pressure becomes a brick wall to children, yoga provides the tools to focus and overcome these obstacles! Cheryl believes in giving back to the community and has volunteered in the Springfield MA school system as well as NH's SAU 16 and the seacoast community. Cheryl enjoyed her 6+ years of working as a certified paraprofessional at the elementary level in NH's SAU 16 school system. She is a native of Western MA and currently lives in NH with her husband Bob. She is the proud mom of 2 adult daughters: Jessica, a physical therapist and Alicia, a registered dietitian.

Andrea Rutherford

Andrea Rutherford is a perinatal educator, prenatal yoga instructor and an honored mother of three. She is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of NH Teacher Training program (200 hour level). Andrea is owner and founder of Seacost Birth Matters and has been offering comprehensive prenatal care and holistic birth education and support since 1996. Andrea offers classes, workshops and individual sessions for mothers and their partners from pregnancy through birth. Prenatal yoga classes offer women a nurturing space to promote strength, flexibility, relaxation and awareness for the natural changes in their ever-changing, growing bodies. Andrea weaves Classical yoga, breath awareness, childbirth education, and physical nurturing to provide mothers a positive emotional, educational and physical experience for the journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.Andrea may be reached at: 603.498.1113

Linda Sample

Linda is a graduate of YogaLife Institute’s 200 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. She has been practicing yoga since 2007 and is a Level II Reiki Practitioner. Linda loves the emotional freedom and sense of ease that yoga has brought into her life and is committed to sharing these gifts with others. “Yoga has deepened my practice of acceptance, of being present and of creating more balance in my life.” Linda is a licensed Speech Pathologist. She served children and adolescents with communication needs for many years. When not on her mat, Linda enjoys reading, children’s storytelling, seasonal activities and dance. Linda is currently teaching at Inspired Yoga & Health in Raymond, NH. Portrait taken by Lily Jack Photography.

Brian Serven

Brian Serven, YACEP, C-IAYT. Brian is aYoga Therapist and Private Yoga teacher. His focus is in an approach to sharing yoga with dedicated individuals, one on one. In addition, his interests lie in the creative aspects of yoga training expressed as workshops and series such as; ‘the Deeper Understanding’ workshops, ‘Power of Relaxation’, ‘Yoga for a Quiet Mind’, ‘Art of Teaching Beginners’, ‘Art of Teaching Classical Yoga’, ‘TT Experience’, ‘Masters Class’, ‘Principles of Alignment’, ‘Introduction to Yoga Series’ among others. Deeply inspired by Meditation for Your Life by Dr. Robert Butera and the books’ preceding ‘Meditation for Your Type’ series, Brian has lead and modified the year-long series imbuing it with personal experience and expertise. A graduate of the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour and 500-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program, he received additional Teacher Training certification at The Yoga Institute, Mumbai, India, where the therapeutic principals of Yoga are integrated seamlessly, philosophically and physically. Believing the benefits of Yoga to be abundant and suitable for everyone, Brian's approach to sharing these experiences are with an intention of simplicity and accessibility. Viewing Yoga as a lifestyle and combining such experiences with 8 years of Martial Arts studies and Discipleship, Brian has a unique view of balance, discipline and awareness.

Patricia Severino

Patty Severino is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute's 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program and 300 hour Yoga Therapy Training Program. She began her yoga journey nearly 20 years ago, not realizing at the time it would have a much bigger meaning than simply another form of physical exercise. There were lapses in her practice until life's many adversities brought her back to the mat, this time with a much more spiritual emphasis. Through the gift of Yoga Patty is able to move through life with an open heart and a true sense of peace. Her passion is to impart the teachings of yoga and its benefits to others. Patty also has a keen interest in holistic nutrition and Zen/mindfulness meditation. She also encourages healthy habits and traits, in both mind and body, that are conducive to one's everyday life outside of the yoga studio. These avenues of healing have been an integral part of her life's path. Helping students learn and practice the fundamentals of yoga, respect their bodies, and realize their individual potential is part of her goal as a teacher. Her commitment to helping individuals tap into a positive energy extends beyond the mat. Patty loves to impart the benefits of living a yogic lifestyle and teaches by example, on and off the mat. Having used Yoga as a tool to overcome some of life's difficulties, it is only natural to want to share this gift with others.

Janice Sheldon

Janis Sheldon E-RYT 500, YACEP. Some of her trainings include 200 hr certification in 2006 from The Yoga of Energy Flow with Daniel Orlansky, 500hr Integrative Yoga Therapy with Hannelore Moebius, pre-natal yoga training with Kripalu teacher and pre-natal educator Martha Chabinsky in August of 2008, Bone Camp Advanced Concepts in Movement for Osteoporosis and Spine Health with geriatric physical therapist and Kripalu yoga teacher Sara Meeks at Kripalu Nov. 2010, Level 1 in Positional Therapy with Lee Albert from Kripalu in May 2010, January 2012 Dr. Loren Fishman Ending Back Pain with Yoga Protocol, the 7 major causes of back pain, Nov. 2014 Yoga for Cancer certification with Tari Prinster, Yogalife Institue 500hr Teacher training. Janis began a personal practice in 1980. She has been sharing yoga since 2006. Her style draws from a blend of traditions as she creates a gentle practice with a focus on postural strengthen and alignment. Having had spine surgery in 2003 Janis shares her journey back to physical comfort and mobility in daily life through a gentle, yoga practice, acceptance and a sense of humor. All classes are safe and supportive. She lives in Exeter with her husband and enjoys spending time in nature.

Lily Sibley

Lily Sibley, owner of Ocean Spirit Yoga, has been teaching yoga in Portsmouth, NH, as well as Kittery, ME, Exeter, Rye and Newburyport, since 2002. Lily has advanced certification as a Classical Yoga teacher, is a certified Reiki Master and a licensed teacher of The Lebed Method, a movement therapy program for breast cancer survivors and chronic illness. Currently, Lily is a senior teacher in the YogaLife Institute of NH yoga teacher training program, a program born of the Yoga Institute of Mumbai, India. Ocean Spirit Yoga offers regular on-going yoga classes, workshops, retreats, meditation classes, classes for rehabilitation and wellness, and private yoga classes. While introducing her students to the physical and mental benefits of a regular yoga practice, Lily encourages her students to be comfortable with their individual levels of ability. Her students are further encouraged to "take their yoga off the mat" -- to create harmony and a sense of well being in their lives. While building strength and flexibility in their bodies, Lily's students discover the stillness and peace that lies within each of us. Using classical texts, such as the Bhagavagita, the Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras, the Tao Te Ching, as tools for discussion, students learn to live in the ups and downs of a fully integrated life.

Carter Siegel

Carter Siegel, M.Ed., E-RYT500, Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Level I, Reiki Level I, Yoga Nidra, YACEP, is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor since 2005.  She is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of NH's advanced 300 hour program and has an additional 300 hour training in Comprehensive Yoga  Therapy Level 1. She specializes in issues of the musculoskeletal system as well as the philosophical teachings of yoga. In the years following her trainings Carter has been teaching in private and group settings to people of all ability levels using dynamic, gentle, restorative, and meditative forms of yoga. As a comprehensive yoga therapist, Carter is uniquely qualified to bring the teachings of yoga psychology and  philosophy into the physical practice of yoga. Most recently Carter earned her Yoga Nidra and Reiki level 1 certifications. Carter teaches and practices numerous styles of yoga and has studied under American gurus such as David Swenson, Sean Corn, Shiva Rae, Rodney Yee, and Beryl Bender Birch and others. Whether teaching to the newest or the most advanced practitioner, Carter’s style is clear, logical, fun and paced in a way to help support a student’s intentions and goals. For Carter, yoga is a way of life and it deeply informs her work, her relationships  and her parenting. 

Leigh Sloss

Leigh Sloss is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute's Comprehensive Yoga Therapy program and the 200 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. Leigh is also a certified K-8 teacher and has a Masters in Education. "I began practicing yoga in college and then as an elementary school teacher as a way of handling stress. As a new mom, I found that yoga helped me learn to balance caring for myself while also caring for others. The more I learned about yoga philosophy the more I wanted to deepen my understanding of it. The 200 hour program at YogaLife was so profound for me that I felt the need to learn more in order to share it with others. Yoga Therapy feels like what I've always wanted to do for my life's work. It combines my many interests - education, psychology, movement, and spirituality. My hope is to make yoga accessible to all people and to make it applicable to the real world. I enjoy sharing the benefits of yoga with people of all ages, and am particularly passionate about working with children dealing with stress and anxiety. Yoga for me is about connection. First, it's a connection with ourselves on all levels. From that connection, we can grow to realize that we are all connected.”

Angel Smith

Angel Smith is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of New Hampshire’s Teacher Training’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. She took her first class with her father in her early 30s and has been practicing ever since. Angel values the practice of self-discovery, -acceptance, -love, and - patience that yoga offers. She aspires to help others on their own journey of self, inviting her students to meet themselves where they are and explore the benefits that the practice of yoga offers both on and off the mat. Angel is a member of the Yoga Alliance. She makes her home in Newmarket, NH with her son and is employed as an instructional designer. When not on the mat, Angel loves spending her time digging in the dirt, putting pen to paper, exploring what-not shops, local eateries and back roads and traveling.

Kim Spanos

Kim Spanos is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program and is continuing her training at YogaLIfe in the 500-hour Classical Teacher training, combined with the Yoga Therapy work over the next 2 years. In addition to her Yoga training, she has achieved the AFFA group fitness certification as well as other fitness modalities over the past 7 years. She is also currently enrolled in the Ashaya Yoga 200-hour teacher training program and Reiki certification classes. She looks forward to offering a variety of classes to all students to share her passion of health, happiness and a sense of inner peace to all. Kim will be teaching at YogaLife and welcomes students with open arms!

Kelly Steere

Kelly is a licensed Therapeutic Massage Therapist spending most of her career in the Chiropractic Field. She is also certified as a Stretch Therapist, Barre Instructor, Reiki I Practitioner, and an Essential Oil Wellness Advocate. Kelly is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of NH Teacher Training Program-RYT-200 in 2021. She is also a member of the Yoga Alliance. Kelly was introduced to Anusara and Yin Yoga several years ago wanting to incorporate Yoga into her Wellness Practice. The past year Kelly has pivoted from an office-based practice to her own, private practice. This change allowed Kelly to offer more wellness solutions to her clients including the need for mindfulness modalities. The Classical Yoga lineage taught by the YogaLife Institute resonated with Kelly. The Mind-Body-Spirit approach from this type of Yoga allows Kelly to engage her clients in Breathing practices, Meditation, Relaxation and, of course, movement. Outside of her professional life, Kelly enjoys photography especially in nature and sporting events. Kelly also is actively involved with the University of New Hampshire Football Program.

Kat Stevens

Kat Stevens, is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. She is a massage therapist with a focus in Thai massage and a Reiki II practitioner. She is currently enrolled to become a certified Thai Yoga Bodyworker at the institute for Thai Bodywork in Illinois and about to receive her Reiki master attunement. She started yoga in 2003 and has been practicing off and on over the years until her teacher training here at YogaLife. She is not currently teaching yoga at a studio but is offering private lessons at her massage practice. She is looking forward to finding a studio that aligns with her method of teaching yoga once she makes her transition to Chicago.

Sara Strohecker

Sara Strohecker is a graduate of the Classical Yoga Teacher Training Program in New Hampshire. She began her yoga practice as a tool for dealing with stress at the same time toning her body and calming her mind. Her love of yoga blossomed with energy and therapeutic benefits that yoga provided. She resides in Exeter with her husband and two children.

Sally Sugatt

Sally Sugatt, LICSW, C-IAYT, Professional Yoga Therapist, started practicing postures in 1978, pregnant with her first child, and is grateful to many teachers for their wisdom. In 2006 she was ready to learn more and Julie Rost appeared! Sally finished the Classical Yoga Teacher Training Program with Julie at the 500 hour level in 2009 and the 300 hour Yoga Therapy Training in 2013. She began teaching at YogaLife in 2007. As a child and family therapist, Sally is particularly interested in how the ancient practices of yoga--all eight limbs--inform our relationships: with ourselves and with others. At YogaLife Sally has found a committed and supportive yoga community.

Nicole Sweet

Nicole Sweet is a graduate of YogaLife NH's 200 hour teacher training program. She is a self-taught yogi who has been practicing for 10 years and has successfully healed a back injury. Through the practice of yoga Nicole has found great peace and happiness. Off the mat Nicole is a wife, mom of 2 teenage sons and a travel advisor for Sweet Escapes Travel, LLLC. She has recently opened a retreat center from her home called Sweet Escapes With her training at YogaLife she would like to share the connection of yoga and nature with others at her home.

Beth Tener

Beth was drawn to explore yoga and meditation as she yearned to find more fulfillment and balance in her busy life and in her lifelong work around restoring the capacity and potential of our organizations, communities, society and earth to be healthy and thriving. She completed the 500 hour RYT program with the YogaLife Institute and enjoys finding ways to help people apply the diverse and powerful teachings and tools of yoga in all aspects of their lives and in their community. She brings our YogaLife community her experience in facilitating and hosting gatherings that weave and build community, as well as tools for living our practice within relationship.

Jordyn Tetler

Jordyn is a graduate of YogaLife Institute of NH's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Finding her practice in 2015, Jordyn fell in love with the movement, and the impact yoga has on and off the mat. A social butterfly at heart, yoga has empowered Jordyn to embrace the quiet moments and be in the present. As a recent graduate, she continues to immerse herself in the lessons and community yoga has to offer. She is passionate about keeping yoga light and fun, and balancing flow and stillness. She is excited to meet fellow yogis at studios across the seacoast! Off of her mat, you can find this householder yogi on a run, at the barn, and spending time with her puppies and family. She resides in Lee, NH with her fiancé and two dogs.

Sharyn Tullar

Sharyn Tullar is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute’s 200-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program and is certified with the Yoga Alliance. YogaLife’s teachings of the 8-fold path opened up a new perspective that Yoga is so much more than just physical poses. Sharyn is interested in a steady and comfortable practice, moving meditations, and incorporating ongoing scientific research discoveries that help us understand the connections between the body and brain. Realizing that simple repetitive movements in tandem with awareness of the breath and an intention of mindfulness and acceptance produce real life results to help relieve everyday suffering. Patience, gentleness and a sense of humor are qualities that Sharyn tries to tap into while incorporating the techniques of yoga into her day. She continues to be curious about life, widening her perspective, and accepting that change is part of moving forward while cultivating an uncluttered mind that encourages more creativity, more clarity and more peace.

Kathy Ullrich

Kathy Ullrich was a treasured member of our yoga community and sadly passed away on August 27th, 2018. May she rest in peace and love. Yoga was a mainstay and passion of Kathy's life for a quarter of a century, ten of which were dedicated to teaching. Her classes were based on reference to the breath. She believed in the power of the breath as a means to anchor students in their own strength, courage and openness to receive change. Kathy's goal was to support the nurturing of what is deepest and best within ourselves with kindness, self-compassion and patience. Her classes supported that recognizing one's own wholeness is the master key to self healing. Kathy received her 500 hour certification in 2005 from Pathways Yoga Systems, was an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance as well as certified in Reiki ll. She is deeply missed.

Dalyne Villeneuve

Dalyne Villeneuve is a graduate of YogaLife Institute’s 200 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. She also completed YogaLife Institute's 300-hour Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training program Dalyne is also certified in ChildLight Yoga’s Children’s Teacher Training program and Childlight Yoga’s Teen’s programs, and she received her Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Kama Fitness. She began her practice more than 15 years ago and has been passionate about yoga since. She is trained in yoga philosophy, asanas, meditation, and relaxation, as well as fun ways to engage children through songs and games. With Yoga Therapy, she can assist others in reducing their suffering by helping them get to the source of it, and treating the whole person by working to balance all aspects of life. The amazing benefits of the practice have been such a blessing to her and wants to share these gifts with others. She continues to be amazed at how quickly the breath can calm you, and how meditation has really helped quiet her mind and bring clarity to what is really important. Having the ability to feel peace within after doing yoga, has her continuing to learn more about this healing practice. She initially started her practice to help her relieve some of the stress and symptoms of pregnancy, and continued as it also helped alleviate the pressures of being a first time mom. She stayed with the practice knowing that the calmness she felt would only help with everyday pressures, finding great freedom in the ability to change her perspective when necessary to help minimize any suffering she was feeling. She is thankful to feel grounded as well as enlightened with a greater awareness of the mind, body, and spirit connection. She also appreciates the physical benefits of strength and flexibility. She continues to grow and learn, as she values finding her own inner wisdom and the great amount of healing that she’s experienced through yoga. This was how she made the decision to help educate others with what she’s learned from the practice. In today’s fast paced world, the ability to just ‘be’ as your true self, is certainly something worth exploring. Dalyne also studies modern dance, and has much interest in nutrition and holistic wellness.

Haley Marie Walker

Haley Marie Walker's relationship with yoga began at a very young age and has strengthened over the last decade. Her introduction began with Bikram and over the years her desire to be challenged more mentally and emotionally lead her to practice and teach Vinyasa classes in Florida and Michigan. As an adventuring spirit, she has traveled to and lived in several different regions of the United States and the world. However, while change has been a frequent theme of her teens and early-20s, dedication to the practice and philosophy of yoga has been a constant. In September 2011, Haley moved to New Hampshire to enroll in the YogaLife Institute's Teacher Training Program. Having had the opportunity to deeply engage in a variety of yoga traditions, Haley offers a diverse knowledge base both physically and philosophically. With each class, she seeks to offer yoga as a grounding reprieve to people of all ages and abilities, giving an experience filled with peace, grace and strength.

Heather Warr

Heather Warr completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training with Hannelore Mobius of Durham, NH in May of 2004. She studied the Integrative Yoga Therapy approach which focuses on the healing benefits of yoga. Heather holds the ChildLight Yoga certification created by Lisa Flynn and certification from the YogaLife Institute's 500-hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training program. She has been a pediatric speech language pathologist for the past twenty years and lives in Exeter with her husband and two boys. Heather enjoys working with children and adults of all ages and has a special interest in working with people with special needs.

Lindsay Jo White

Lindsay Jo White is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute of NH's 200 hour teacher training program. Lindsay Jo began flirting with yoga in 2004 and found herself effortlessly devoted to the physical and meta-physical properties of yoga in 2009. Having experienced a profound change in her life through yoga, Lindsay Jo has great enthusiasm in sharing her passion and practice. Her approach is of intuitive movement while maintaining a beginners mind.

Roberta Whitney

Roberta Whitney, MA, enjoys teaching Yoga philosophy and exploring applied topics with students of NH's YogaLife Institute. As Spiritual Director, she works with groups and individuals to support personal development and spiritual growth through various modalities including Yoga, Authentic Movement, the Enneagram and Focusing. A long time student of Eastern, Native and Western religions, ideas, rituals and culture, Roberta is fascinated by intersections. She resides in Andover, MA.

Stacy Whittier

Completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training has helped me to understand the true power of the spirit, mind, body connection. When I started yoga 10 years ago my focus was primarily on the physical aspects of yoga. I soon learned that yoga was much more than just a physical practice. Yoga has helped me to learn how to be present for myself and others. The attention to breath and learning how to strike a balance between work and ease continues to be transformative. I have had an increase in energy, strength and flexibility. As a yoga instructor I want to pass on to others the vast possibilities that this practice has to offer. The beauty of yoga is that it is available to all levels… you just have to be willing to feel good.

Jennifer Wilhelm

Jennifer Wilhelm is certified with the Yoga Alliance and received her training in Classical Yoga, through the Yoga Life Institute. Yoga has given Jennifer a new lens through which to view life. Though she has always enjoyed the physical practice of Yoga, she never realized the emotional and intellectual benefits it offers until she began studying Yogic philosophy. As an environmental sustainability professional, she appreciates the simplicity and moderation that Yogic philosophy encourages. Jennifer believes that by living a simple, more balanced life, we are able to increase our own contentment, while decreasing our impact on the natural world. Jennifer brings this perspective of contentment through simplicity to her classes.

Lenny Willis

Lenny Willis has lived in the NH Seacoast since 1981, in Exeter since 2008. He has been practicing yoga since 1987. He has recently completed a 200 hour Classical Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Life Institute in Exeter, NH. Previous training including many various disciplines at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts, and Dave Druz's Yoga Philosophy Course on Maui, Hawaii. Lenny has been doing primarily private instruction and is now sharing his experience in group classes with Gathering Yoga at Pinnacle.

Michelle Wilson

Michelle Wilson is a graduate of the YogaLife Institute's Comprehensive Yoga Therapist Program. Michelle has a creative spirit and loves to be outdoors. She has completed advanced yoga training and is certified as a Comprehensive Yoga Therapist, Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Creative Kids Yoga Trainer. Michelle values the healing qualities of yoga and enjoys working with a diverse range of students including adults, children, families, teens, and students with special needs. She teaches specialty group classes and private yoga lessons to students with stress-related conditions such as chronic illness, pain, grief, work stress, and anxiety. Michelle provides custom yoga and creative movement programs at a variety of schools and businesses across Southern NH. She also works as a trainer for Project Adventure. For more information on her yoga programs, please visit Michelle's website:

Meggen Wright

Meggen Wright is certified with the Yoga Alliance and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Meggen Received her 200 hour teaching certificate through YogaFit, and her comprehensive yoga therapy certificate from the YogaLife Institute. She has Been teaching since 2006 and was drawn to yoga as a way to get out of chronic pain after a car accident and several injurious falls. In addition to yoga, meggen is a level II usui/Tibetan reiki healer and also works with dogs both in private and at the local SPCA.

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